Why Should Instructors Get a Group Fitness Certification?

why instructors should get group fitness certification

As a fitness instructor, there are dozens of ways to advance your career. You can branch out into new forms of exercise, take on new clients, or become a personal trainer. But one option stands out above everything else – getting a group fitness certification. 

For the past few years, group fitness has been exploding in popularity. In 2019, it was named one of the leading fitness trends in the industry, right alongside HIIT. Since then, group classes have only continued to be in demand. And for a good reason – there are many benefits to working out in a group, and many clients feel more motivated and accountable to their fitness goals when sharing them with others.

As a fitness trainer, this means one thing: getting a group fitness certification is one of the best ways to safeguard your career, make more money, and follow the trends of your industry.

Here’s everything you need to know. 

5 Smart Reasons to get a Group Fitness Certification ASAP

Whether you’re just getting your career off the ground or you’re an experienced fitness instructor looking for ways to diversify your offerings, group fitness is an excellent choice. 

Here’s why:

1. The Group Fitness Industry is Fast-Growing and Diverse

We’ve already mentioned how popular group fitness courses are, but let’s talk about how MANY of them there are. 

Today, group fitness spans the industry from strength training to yoga and beyond. No matter your fitness interests, there’s a group fitness certification to match them. 

This means you can focus on what you love while branching out and reaching new customers.

2. Group Fitness is an Effective Way to Help Clients Reach Their Goals

For some people, going to the gym alone is a dream come true – a peaceful little slice of the day where they enjoy some solo time. For others, however, it’s an absolute nightmare. 

And for a good reason.

Unless you’re an experienced gym-goer, it can be an intimidating place. Weight machines can be tough to figure out alone, and most people just aren’t sure what they need to do to see results. 

While personal training may seem like an obvious solution, it’s not an option for many people. For some, the price is too high. Others simply aren’t comfortable with the idea of working with a personal trainer.

Luckily, that’s where group fitness comes in.

Designed to offer many of the same perks of personal training without the price tag, group training provides a sense of community, accountability, and motivation for anyone looking to achieve fitness goals. Research has shown that group fitness provides a healthy sense of competition that helps people push themselves beyond their comfort zones. 

As a group training instructor, then, you can be the one to help anchor the group and make sure everyone is reaching their maximum potential. 

3. Build a Following

If you’ve been lucky enough to have one, you know how magnetic great group fitness trainers are. People fill all the sign-up slots for their classes the moment they open, and such instructors become legends in their gyms and communities.

When you get certified as a group fitness instructor, you’ve got a shot at building a following like this.

While group fitness is undoubtedly an effective way to get and stay fit, the quality of the instructor is ultimately what separates one class from the next. If you love working with people and feel confident that you can bring energy and excitement into a small group setting, becoming a group fitness instructor could be an excellent way to find your tribe. 

4. Earn More Money

You’re passionate about what you do, but you also need to earn a living. Fortunately, a group fitness certification can help you do that. According to Glassdoor, group fitness instructors earn an average of $75,044 annually. 

While that’s a healthy wage for the fitness industry, it’s easy to grow your earning potential even more by combining it with other fitness offerings, such as personal training and dietary coaching.

5. Advance Your Career

If you’re a new fitness instructor looking for ways to advance your career, getting certified in group fitness is an excellent way to give yourself a boost. 

Today, group fitness instruction is carefully regulated and certified. While this may seem like an additional hurdle for you to leap, it can actually help you look more professional and reliable – even as a new instructor. 

Today, clients know that people with active group fitness certifications were carefully vetted and educated and that anyone who holds such a certification is an expert in the field.

Additionally, getting a group fitness certification is an easy way to improve your chances of getting hired at a gym where you can start to build your following.

How to Get a Group Fitness Certification

Now that we’ve talked about why you should get a group fitness certification let’s discuss how to do it. 

Here at AMPD Strong, we’re proud to be a one-stop shop for anyone considering a group fitness instruction. All you have to do is find the niche you’re interested in and dive in!

We offer live and online training for various group fitness programs, from kettlebell AMPD classes to kickboxing and power flow. Check out our program offerings to learn more. 

Each of our training options is flexible and easy to navigate at your own pace. If you run into questions during the process, the AMPD team will be right there to support you and help you complete your certification. Last but not least, all of our pre-recorded classes are affordable, so you can use them as a stepping-stone to start or advance your career.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is a great time to finally get that group fitness certification you’ve been dreaming of! Check out AMPD’s certification options today and level up your fitness game!

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