Why Should Instructors Get a Group Fitness Certification?

As a fitness instructor, there are dozens of ways to advance your career. You can branch out into new forms of exercise, take on new clients, or become a personal trainer. But one option stands out above everything else – getting a group fitness certification.  For the past few years, group fitness has been explodingContinue reading “Why Should Instructors Get a Group Fitness Certification?”

How To Increase Participation In Your Group Fitness Classes

If you’ve been teaching group fitness classes for a while, you may have noticed that participation ebbs and flows. There will be those who attend religiously and those who only attend occasionally. Learn how to increase class participation with some simple tips. First, make sure you understand reasons someone may not take part regularly. ManyContinue reading “How To Increase Participation In Your Group Fitness Classes”

Why Offer Group Fitness Classes?

Group training is a significant trend in the fitness industry, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. And for a good reason: group training offers accountability, community, and better results for people who take advantage of it. If you don’t currently offer group fitness classes in your facility, you might wonder ifContinue reading “Why Offer Group Fitness Classes?”