About us

It all started, innocently enough, back in 2011 when we opened a small group fitness studio outside Pittsburgh, PA.  After being open just a few short months, we realized that we had no way of competing with the “big gyms” that were in our area by offering the same classes and programs.


So we set out on a mission to find unique classes to offer our clients that no one else in our area was offering.  One day we started experimenting with a kettlebell class, combining lightweight kettlebells with movements choreographed to music.  It was a simple concept that eventually became our signature program, Kettlebell AMPD.  Since then we’ve added 7 more programs and thousands of instructors all across the world to our AMPD Family!


Our journey hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the imagination.  We’ve been told that we’d never make it because we don’t look like your “typical” program creators.  But here we are!  We’ve held close to our values of being authentic, creating great group fitness programs, and making fitness accessible to everyone!

We hope that our journey will help inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, be inclusive, have FUN and inspire others!

Amy & Tadd Moreland

AMPD master trainers
Creators Amy and Tadd Moreland
AMPD group class room
Our original studio space

Our team

Amy Moreland

Amy Moreland

Founder & CEO

Amy is our (unofficial) chief creative officer!  She likes to dream big and then let Tadd and the rest of the team figure out how to make things happen!  She’s the driving force behind all the creative aspects of the company from program creation to choreography to music selection to sales and marketing and so much more!


Amy’s fitness career began back in 2010 when she was taking group fitness classes and her (then) 7 and 8 year old daughters said “you should be a teacher!”.  Since then Amy has gone on to obtain numerous group fitness, personal training and specialty  fitness certifications.  Amy has presented internationally at some of the world’s biggest fitness shows such as Fibo, IDEA World, CanFitPro Global Convention, Fitness + Wellness Australia, SCW Mania, FitExpo, and DCAC. 


When not working (whenever that is!), Amy enjoys spending time with her 2 daughters, shopping, and finding ways to relax!  

Tadd Moreland

Tadd Moreland

Founder & COO

Tadd is our (unofficial) chief nerd!  He makes sure that all the pieces and parts of the business are functioning efficiently – from our website to our instructor video libraries to our online store and much more!  But really his biggest job is trying to take Amy’s dreams and make them a reality!


Tadd’s fitness career began back in 2011 when he (naively) suggested to Amy that she open her own group fitness studio – not knowing he was going to need to a integral part of the business.  Tadd quickly become certified in a variety of group fitness programs and specialties and continues to expand his health and fitness knowledge. 


When he’s not nerding it up, Tadd enjoys spending time with his 2 daughters, kayaking, fishing, biking, and relaxing.    

Jesse Harris

Program Director

When she’s not chasing her 4 kids around, Jesse spends her time trying to figure out if she should listen to Amy or Tadd (probably her hardest job)!   When she’s not doing that, she oversees all of group fitness programs and our Master Trainer team.  She is also our lead choreographer for our AMPD Burn program and she develops choreography for all of our other programs. 


Jesse has been in the fitness industry since 2004 as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer and group fitness manager.  Originally from Baltimore, MD, Jesse now resides in Stafford, VA with her husband and 4 kids.  In her “spare” time, Jesse enjoys running, visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and dabbling in shopping (TJ Maxxinista!).