AMPD Build

What is AMPD Build?

AMPD Build takes the work out of interval training, giving you everything you need for class.  You just gotta bring the towel to wipe off the sweat!  This pre-formatted class gives you workouts, a timer, and 30-45 minutes to crush your goals!

Become an Instructor

Becoming an AMPD Build instructor couldn’t be easier!  With our flexible self study training, you can train from the comfort of your living room, the local coffee shop or wherever you choose.  This training is convenient and flexible but gives you all the tools to start teaching right away.  Join the AMPD Family and become a AMPD Build Instructor TODAY!

On Demand

Self Study Video
$ 109
  • Self Paced
  • Video Master Class
  • Training Manual
  • First 30 minute workout
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 2 AFAA Credits
  • 0.3 ACE Credits
Great value!

Instructor Testimonials

As a busy instructor who teaches many formats, this program allows me to quickly pick and choose what workout will be best suited for my members each day. I thrive on delivering the best class possible but also they know me for ALWAYS changing up the workouts! This program allows me to easily do just that! The best part? Hearing what members have to say afterwards - “Why do I feel like these workouts keep getting harder and harder?”, “I kicked a$$ in that class!", "It was challenging for sure!”
Regina S.
AMPD Build Instructor
AMPD Build is my favorite format to teach, it challenges me as an instructor and it challenges my class. It is one of the easiest classes to prepare for, all the tools you need for a successful class are given to you. This class let's you add your personal touch with choosing your own music which makes it really fun to connect with your participants. I highly recommend AMPD Build to any one looking to add a class, the accessibility, support, and knowledge you gain from the training is one of the best I have seen. The workouts are amazingly effective and can be modified for any level of fitness!
Brynn M.
AMPD Build Instructor
I love teaching AMPD Build because it's pre-formatted, which is less planning on my end. I love that I get to choose my own music and whichever workout I feel will fit the class best for that day. The class can be for modified for anyone and everyone, and I also love how it's challenging. AMPD BUILD makes me feel strong. The class is challenging, which is what I look for in classes.
Katie S.
AMPD Build Instructor


Have questions? We've tried to answer them before you even ask them! Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Experience is always helpful but no, you do not need to have previous kettlebell experience.  The course will cover the fundamentals of kettlebell training.  

All workouts are planned to be bodyweight and dumbbells only however we do occasionally offer optional workouts with other pieces of equipment.  

No!  However we strongly recommend that anyone planning to teach group fitness completes a general group fitness certification through a national provider such as ACE, AFAA or ISSA

Yes!  This course is approved for 2 AFAA credits and 0.3 ACE credits

No, there is no requirement to re-certify however in order to teach the program you must be a member of the Platinum Crew.

Yes.  Upon completion of the training course, instructors will have the option of joining our Platinum Crew membership.  The monthly fee is $9.99/month or you can purchase an annual plan for $99.90.

As a Platinum Crew member, you will receive four 30-minute workouts and three 45-minute workouts each month.  These workouts will include a PDF download, timer import codes and access to our instructional exercise library.  

AMPD Build is offered in either 30 or 45 minute class length.  

No!  We believe in helping gym owners by providing great programming with no burdensome fees! 

Absolutely!!  One of our goals with this program is to make it accessible to anyone!  Instructors will be trained on various techniques for progressing and regressing movements.