AMPD Resistance

What is AMPD Resistance?

AMPD Resistance makes group fitness classes feel the burn with bands!  Resistance bands are such a great tool to hit muscles we didn’t even know we had.  Add some music to make it fun, and your class will be sure to love it!

Become an Instructor

Becoming an AMPD Resistance instructor couldn’t be easier!  With our flexible self-study training, you can train from the comfort of your living room, the local coffee shop or wherever you choose.  This self paced training is convenient and flexible but gives you all the tools to get prepared to start teaching right away.  Join the AMPD Family and become a AMPD Resistance Instructor TODAY!

On Demand

Self Study Video
$ 159
  • Self Paced
  • Video Master Class
  • Training Manual
  • Master Class Choreo Notes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 1 AFAA Credits
Great value!

Instructor Testimonials

AMPD Strong classes have been a hit at our Studio since we first introduced AMPD Resistance over 5 years ago! Since then we’ve added Kettlebell AMPD, AMPD Burn, AMPD Strength, and have another instructor come in to teach AMPD Build and AMPD Kickboxing. We really enjoy being able to combine 2 or 3 of the different formats together to form a “Fusion” class. Those are some of our clients favorite classes and a great way to add variety to our class schedule. AMPD Resistance was my first love, but I definitely enjoy teaching all the formats!
John H.
AMPD Instructor & Gym Owner
I was initially certified in AMPD Strength but then decided to try AMPD Resistance. I was amazed at how strong I felt after working with the resistance bands! One of my favorite routines is hard on the legs yet it is a simple routine to teach. And the music just keeps you going throughout the class! I love hearing my participants describe how much they have gained out of these classes!
Kelley R.
AMPD Resistance Instructor
I have been a AMPD resistance instructor for over 5 years. I love the versatility of this format because there are so many different ways that you can use resistance bands. It's amazing how when using bands it isolates the targeted muscles in a totally different way then when using weights. I love the look on participants face when the bands "kick in" and they feel that burn, especially the guys! Everyone is always so surprised at the burn of the bands! It never gets easy!
Julie C.
AMPD Resistance Instructor


Have questions? We've tried to answer them before you even ask them! Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

No!  However we strongly recommend that anyone planning to teach group fitness completes a general group fitness certification through a national provider such as ACE, AFAA or ISSA

No, there is no requirement to re-certify however in order to teach the program you must be a member of the Platinum Crew.

Yes!  This course is approved for 1 AFAA credits

Yes.  Upon completion of one of our courses, instructors will have the option of joining our Platinum Crew membership.  The monthly fee is $9.99/month or you can purchase an annual plan for $99.90.

Platinum Crew members receive 3 new choreography release each month, access to ALL old releases and special discounts on AMPD merchandise

No, music can be purchased through any music platform that the instructor chooses.  We provide direct links to the major music platforms for easy access and purchasing. 

Yes!  For our subscribing members, you will receive downloadable choreography notes with each routine.

No!  With our flexible programming, you can adjust your playlist to make the class any length you need.  We recommend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

No!  We believe in helping gym owners by providing great programming with no burdensome fees! 

Mini loop bands and long flat (ribbon) bands are used most often.  

Absolutely!!  One of our goals with this program is to make it accessible to anyone!  Instructors will be trained on various techniques for progressing and regressing movements.