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What is AMPD Kickboxing?

AMPD Kickboxing is kicking it up a notch while making sure to keep the background of martial arts in focus.  Once you hear the music start, the punches, kicks, and combos will bring out your inner Karate Kid!

Become an Instructor

Becoming an AMPD Kickboxing instructor couldn’t be easier!  With 3 different training options, you can choose the option to fit your needs.  Join the AMPD Family and become an AMPD Kickboxing Instructor TODAY!

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In person
$ 279
  • Master Trainer Lead
  • Live Master Class
  • Training Manual
  • Master Class Choreo Notes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 7 AFAA Credits
  • 0.6 ACE Credits
Best experience


$ 189
  • Master Trainer Lead
  • Online Master Class
  • Training Manual
  • Master class Choreo Notes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 7 AFAA Credits
  • 0.6 ACE Credits
Most Flexible

On Demand

Self Study Video
$ 159
  • Self Paced
  • Video Master Class
  • Training Manual
  • Master Class Choreo Notes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 7 AFAA Credits
  • 0.6 ACE Credits
Best value

Instructor Testimonials

I was excited to combine my love of kickboxing and teaching choreographed group fitness when AMPD announced kickboxing as a new format. One thing I love about it is that literally anyone can do it. Being non-contact, those with limitations that have kept them from exercise are finding that they CAN move and have fun at the same time without pain they felt during a boxing or kickboxing session. It has allowed me to introduce this to new faces and seeing these participants develop and improve every week has been amazing. I love to identify when someone is ready for more and help them improve their technique which elevates their workout and their confidence! The Kickboxing classes at my studio have been booked full and often have a waiting list. It has been a breath of fresh air to our business and our community. I love to turn the music up and have fun. We all leave dripping with sweat and feeling amazing!
Jess H.
AMPD Kickboxing Instructor & Studio Owner
Years ago, I taught martial arts for about 15 years. Every day I miss something about those days. But with the AMPD Kickboxing program, I am able to channel that part of my life back into my group fitness classes. Not only does it incorporate traditional kickboxing moves, it also brings in self-defense techniques, the art form of karate as well as the sport of Kickboxing. All the things I loved rolled into one all encompassing package. My participants love it so much that their words exactly were, "it makes me feel badass!"
Cheryl W.
AMPD Kickboxing Instructor & Studio Owner
As a mom, wife, boss, group fitness instructor, law enforcement officer for 20+ years and a defensive tactics instructor, AMPD Kickboxing is by far one of my favorite classes to teach! Not only is it a wonderful, effective format, but it is such an important part of our everyday life! AMPD Kickboxing gives my participants feelings of confidence and being successful. I see so much improvement week after week as they become more confident in their form, and stronger in their intensity! Another benefit is the time and effort it takes to learn this format. The techniques, the choreo and instruction are basic and simple, which gives me more time with my family and less time having to prepare for classes once the foundation is set! This workout is amazing and so worth it! My participants loves AMPD Kickboxing! I am so happy to be a part of the AMPD Strong family!
Shannon M.
AMPD Kickboxing Instructor


Have questions? We've tried to answer them before you even ask them! Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Experience is always helpful but no, you do not need to have previous kickboxing experience.  The course will cover the fundamentals of kickboxing training.  

As a group fitness program, we incorporate a variety of martial arts, mixed martial arts and boxing into this program.  

NO!  This program is design for group fitness so our goal is to give you a great workout while learning some of the basics of martial arts, mixed martial arts and boxing without additional risks of contact.  

Nope!  There is no equipment needed for this program.

No!  However we strongly recommend that anyone planning to teach group fitness completes a general group fitness certification through a national provider such as ACE, AFAA or ISSA.

No, there is no requirement to re-certify however in order to teach the program you must be a member of the Platinum Crew.

Yes!  This course is approved for 7 AFAA credits and 0.6 ACE credits

Yes.  Upon completion of one of our courses, instructors will have the option of joining our Platinum Crew membership.  The monthly fee is $14.99/month or you can purchase an annual plan for $149.90.

Platinum Crew members receive 5 new choreography releases each month, access to ALL old releases and special discounts on AMPD merchandise

No, music can be purchased through any music platform that the instructor chooses.  We provide direct links to the major music platforms for easy access and purchasing. 

Yes!  For our subscribing members, you will receive downloadable choreography notes with each routine.

No!  With our flexible programming, you can adjust your playlist to make the class any length you need.  We recommend anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

No!  We believe in helping gym owners by providing great programming with no burdensome fees! 

Absolutely!!  One of our goals with this program is to make it accessible to anyone!  Instructors will be trained on various techniques for progressing and regressing movements.  

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