Pre-Recorded AMPD BUILD Instructor Training

Our most flexible training option, pre-recorded group fitness certification classes will be sent directly to your online dashboard as soon as you register. From there, you can take the classes as you wish, pausing whenever you need to and restarting the videos on your timeline.

The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to AMPD Build
  • Introduction and History of Interval Training
  • Overview of Heart Rate and Heart Rate Training
  • Overview of Energy Systems
  • Overview of Intensity Training
  • Overview of Common Types of Workouts
  • Review of AMPD Build Class Structure
  • Post-training Support

Registration $79.00

Pre-Recorded AMPD Build Instructor Training

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Current AMPD Build Classes

Ready to spice up your fitness routine with a full-body workout that will get you moving? AMPD Build classes are ready for you to join! Check out classes we currently have scheduled and come find out what AMPD Build is all about.