Welcome to AMPD Strong!

We’re a family of over 5,000 trainers and 100,000 participants who are all fitness enthusiasts and have a common belief that no matter what you look like, any body and anyone can be fit. AMPD Strong combines a group fitness certification and workout program with energetic music, choreographed moves and various weight modifications. We created six different programs within the AMPD Strong group to ensure that there’s an option for everyone. From yoga and barre-inspired classes to our flagship kettlebell program, everyone can enjoy exercising at their own pace and fitness level – see below for the options we have available now:

  • Kettlebell AMPD
  • AMPD Resistance
  • AMPD Power Flow
  • AMPD Strength
  • AMPD Burn
  • AMPD Build

Through AMPD Strong, budding group fitness instructors can take training courses to receive all the necessary certifications needed to teach their own classes. Our comprehensive training format takes you step-by-step through your fitness education process from receiving background information on the various fitness classes we have, safety training, secrets to hosting your own class and more. At the end of our eight-hour courses, you can leave ready to teach your own AMPD Strong class the next day. We also support active trainers and fitness instructors with memberships containing fresh workout videos every month and additional continued education credits, accredited by AFAA and ACE. No prerequisites required – just a hunger for fitness and sharing your passion for it with others!

For those looking to just take a class and shake up their workout regime, our instructors host live in-person, live Zoom and recorded options. Take them at your own pace, modify moves as necessary and take a break whenever – we want you to be comfortable in your own body and end the class feeling confident in yourself and proud of what you accomplished.

The AMPD Strong Difference

Your weight and appearance does NOT dictate your fitness level.
We created AMPD Strong on the sole mission of showcasing body diversity and that fitness doesn’t fall into a “one size fits all” category. That’s something that is incredibly prevalent within the fitness industry, and we’re here to put it to an end.
With AMPD Strong, we encourage people of all abilities and backgrounds to embrace their bodies, love themselves and feel proud of themselves.

Meet the AMPD Strong Team

Amy and Tadd Moreland

The AMPD Strong family is led by an amazing couple who knew that something within the fitness industry needed to change.

Amy Moreland had already paid her dues within the fitness community when she went to an industry conference to be the face of a new group fitness program that she had created within the studio she owned and operated. It was there that Amy was told she was “too fat” to represent the brand she had worked tirelessly on and finetuned for years. If she wanted the brand to succeed, they told her, she would have to take a backseat and have someone more “stereotypical” for industry standards take over. Determined to make sure no one would have the same experience she did, Amy used the negativity to fuel her fire and turned that program into Kettlebell AMPD, the first format under the AMPD Strong name.

Amy and her husband Tadd implemented the program within their fitness studio named “You Rock Fitness” in Pittsburgh, PA for nine years and steadily grew a following within the area. As more and more instructors began to love the format, Amy and Tadd received requests for even more instructors to be able to learn how to teach their own AMPD Strong classes at other gyms and share it with their friends. Based on the overwhelming feedback, the team created a fitness certification program out of their kettlebell class and a niche market was uncovered. Six years later and the duo has expanded to add five more fitness programs to the AMPD Strong class roster.

Amy and Tadd now work to bring unique and energetic workout formats to fitness lovers across the country. Wanting to truly connect with their AMPD Strong family and participants, they travel city-to-city to host in-person training classes, teach their group fitness classes and simply visit their instructors to chat with them and hear their feedback. Amy and Tadd stay involved within all aspects of the AMPD Strong program and are frequently creating new choreography for formats and working in real-time with instructors to adjust classes. People from anywhere can join in with the duo on their weekly livestreamed Facebook classes that ensure that instructors and participants alike feel like they are a part of the AMPD Strong family and feel supported by Amy and Tadd.