Founded by group fitness instructors, AMPD Strong offers a full range of group fitness programs designed to be safe, fun and accessible to all fitness levels! 

AMPD group class

Group fitness for every BODY!

Fitness isn’t defined by a body size, a scale, a gender or a skin color.  We believe in making group fitness fun and accessible to everyone!

AMPD equipment

Something for everyone!

Variety is the spice of life, right?  Whether its the equipment, the style of workout or the music, we’ve got something for everyone!

group fitness sitting in a cirlce

We are family!


We work hard together.  We sweat together.  We are one big family of instructors and enthusiasts bonded by AMPD!

Our programs

What makes our programs unique?  We use unique group fitness training tools like kettlebell, resistance bands and barbells along with purposeful movements and great music to create classes that are fun, challenging and accessible to all fitness levels.