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Become an AMPD Strong certified Instructor to bring one of our unique programs to your gym today! Through our hands on training courses, you’ll learn the history of our programs, benefits of each program, safety, form and technique as well as class structure, music, cueing and choreography. Our learning formats are flexible, convenient and designed to give you all the tools you need to start teaching right away.

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Host a Training

We are always looking for great gyms to host a LIVE instructor training!

The basic requirements of the host facility are:

  • To provide a dedicated room equipped with a sound system with an auxiliary adapter, microphone and a table for registration and merchandise sales
  • To provide a single point of contact who will be onsite the day of the training and available a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the start of training
  • To promote the training in the local market by any print, online or other media
  • To allow AMPD to sell merchandise during the training
  • To coordinate all logistical issues with the Master Trainer

If you are interested in hosting please contact us today!

Master Trainers

Amy and Tadd Moreland are the creators and Head Master Trainers for the AMPD Strong programs. Together, they have presented nationally and internationally at fitness shows across the world including IDEA World Fitness Convention, FIBO Global Fitness, CanFitPro World Fitness Convention, FILEX Fitness Convention and SCW Mania.

In 2011, while building their own group fitness studio they began developing their first group fitness program, Kettlebell AMPD. Launched to the group fitness world in 2013, their goal was to bring kettlebell training into the group fitness class by making it fun, easy to learn and accessible to any fitness level.

Following the successful launch of Kettlebell AMPD, they quickly followed up with three more group fitness programs – AMPD Resistance, AMPD Power Flow and AMPD Strength. Each program breaking the mold on group fitness classes everywhere!

Today, with thousands of instructors across the globe, Amy and Tadd focus their efforts on growing their programs, supporting their instructors and pushing the boundaries of what group fitness is all about!!

Become an Instructor